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Items that are in stock we will ship them within 3 days. If not is stock then 15 to 45 days will be required.

We can provide shipping with wide number of Shipping companies but if a customer want to use his preferred shipping company we will provide the facility of dropping of your package nearby office of that company.
In other situation we will charge for shipping price separately but for our website store we will be making deals which will include shipping charges in the price which individuals and small business will be able to benefit from these deals.

Most orders till be handed over to shipping company with in 15 to 45 day.
15 – 45 day should be expected but we may ship them before 15 days in some cases.

FAQs about shipment.

Q: What if I want to get my order before 15 days?
A: If a customer wants to get his order shipped early then 15 day; he should inform us.

We will provide customer with tracking number of the packages

Q: What if i want to change address or any shipping related detail after you have shipped the item to me?
A: After we have handed over a package to shipping company we have no control over the shipment and hence can not make any changes.

Q: What if you have handed over the shipment to shipping company but they have not Delivered with in the time frame they claimed?
a: After we have handed over a package to shipping company we have no control over when the shipping company reaches to customer. But we will provide tracking number of the package so the customer can keep track of the package. (If the package has been delay for very long we may contact the branch / office of the shipping company for reasons or lodge a complaint. a complaint can also be lodged by the customer.

Q: What if I want to use my preferred shipment company?
A: If customer preferred shipment company is nearby our Faculties we will hand over the package to your company/agency or any other method Chosen by the customer. All our price for FOB so the customer will not be charged Separately for hand over.

Q: What if I want to make custom order which should include shipping charges?
A: Contact us for discussing the details we can provide this option as well.

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