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Pricing Policies

We have found some Errors in the details below and we are making changes to fix incorrect or mistyped information. We understand that this Affects you.

What Incoterm means on this page or website:

 FOB – Free on Board

CFR – Cost and Freight

CIF –  Cost Insurance and Freight

Factory Price – When we use this term we mean the Minimum amount we will charge. In this amount only the manufacturing and charges like Labor are counted. The price only cover you to pickup item.

Manufacture priceFactory Price – When we use this term we mean the Minimum amount we will charge. In this amount, only the manufacturing and charges like Labor are counted. The price only Covers you to pickup item.

By default any quotation we provide is in FOB.
In this FOB Price, we Cover Packing Material, cost of delivery to shipping company or Port of customer Selection. This Price also includes some other Costs.

Customer/custom Branding:
If a buyer Wants to have His/her band name on products or packing of the item such as Scissor in its packing. For some products branding is free but for some other items price will be charge Separately. Any product with custom branded packing will be charge Separately and will have a Minimum Quantity requirement depending on the type of branding.

On some place on website and emails we have sent we have mistakenly mistyped:
CFR as C&F

FOB: Customer can also ask for custom quotation which will only include all cost that will be applicable to that specific customer and on the provided details.

We provide Worldwide Service so customer can make order from all countries.
India and some other countries are not currently available for our services because of issues of delivery to these countries.

We do Support CFR or CIF methods for some items only on verified customer Request.

When a customer orders Directly we do not minimum Order Quantity Requirement. No MOQ but we do recommend ordering in higher Quantity as it will save you A lot in taxes, shipping, Cargo not to mention as your Quantity goes higher we Can decrease the price of manufacturing per item per piece. Minimum Order Quantity we recommend is 50 Piece per item.
While you should that we let customer purchase less than 10 items as well.

You can order Samples from us as well.
Samples are free for verified buyers and returning customers but new customer have to pay the price of the item and price of shipment.
We may add some Free sample or Gift in our customer Order.

verified buyers and returning customers:
The Customers that have made purchases from us directly or have any record of purchasing products from us are considered verified buyers and returning customers. Or in some cases, the customers that has been verified by authorities as a actual business are verified buyers status holder in our records. *

* why this policy of verified buyers and returning customers is applied by us.
We have very simple reason. Scammer and Fraudster Usually order many samples using stolen credentials, fake credentials or forged information of business/company so we were forced to apply such policies and censor any information or documents that may be used by any scammer to conduct any scam using our name with any other business.

Why other payment Methods such PayPal and digital payment methods not available?
We are from Pakistan and most digital payment methods do not exist or operate in pakistan or in some cases do not allow to register Pakistani Individual or Pakistani Business to register so as a result they are not supported. Some Businesses use insecure methods to register these service from pakistan which time to time end up people losing access or customer credential getting stolen by bad actor that found the method these businesses used to get registered with these services.

We are looking some official method to get these payment options from our customers and if you have any suggestion email us with your suggestion at: [email protected]

After we launch our ecommerce store we will list items that individual Customers that just want to buy items for personal use or more gift e.t.c. will also be able to purchase from our ecommerce store*.

  • *This facility will only be available on our store. While if it becomes possible we will also add amazon or any other store that provides this facilities.
  • All order require minimum of 50% of advance payment. Your advance payment is proof that your an Authentic customer and not a scammer. This also speeds up your order processing time and we Can manufacture and supply your order items more quickly.

We will soon start accepting payments from credit, debit Cards & many other digital methods.

All orders made from our online E-Commerce store will start processing after payment has been received.

Payment of 50% to 70% is required in advance for us to start processing your orders.
Orders with custom branded packing or custom branded orders requires payment of 70% to 90% payment in advance.
verified buyers and returning customers can get some relaxations advance payment percentage.

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