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Scaling instruments, Universal curettes. Why scaling instruments should always be sharp. What you need lor instrument sharpening What to check alter sharpening
Scaling instruments, Universal curettes

Why scaling instruments should always be sharp:

1. Sharp instruments allow precision work with little application of force.

2. Blunt instruments polish the dental stone, bruise the soft tissue, and require more application of force.

What you need For instrument sharpening:

1. Sharpening stones (rough, fine, and round for burr removal)

2. Sharpening oil (prevents excessive heat build-up; preserves the sharpening capacity of the sharpening stone)

3. Test stick (made of acrylic, for sharpness test)

4. Good light (sharp edges do not reflect light)

5. Clamping device ( e.g. vise)

What to check alter sharpening:

1. Roundness of back surfaces

2. Continuous sharpness of cutting edges

3. Perfect shape of working end ( e.g. check against catalog illustration)

4. After several sharpening cycles, verify that the instrument is still strong enough for application. Replace instrument if necessary.

Periodontology, Color coding ol scalers and Gracey curettes

Color coding of scalers and Gracey curettes

1. All scalers are color-coded green – 3 points distributed across the diameter. At the same time, the color code marks the finer working end.

2. The Gracey Standard, Gracey Rigid and Gracey Mini curettes also have the color code on the side of the finer working end. Example: Gracey 1/2 = color code applied on side of working end no. 1.

3. For even better differentiation between Gracey Standard and Gracey Mini on the one hand and Gracey Rigid on the other hand, Gracey Rigid curettes are coded with six color points.

4. Color-coded Gracey Standard curettes are also available with a 10 mm handle.

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