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Information about categories of products we manufacturer and supply

Our main Category of products is Surgical Instruments, Dental Instruments & Beauty Instruments.

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Leather Product/item are Manufactured by our other Manufacturing facility by the name of Monarch Trading Corporation.
As a result, you get Factory prices or for huge Qualities such as 1000 piece and above the price is Negotiable.

Website of Monarch Trading Corporation: www.monarchtradingcorporation.com

Leather Item Manufacturer

Clothing/Garments Items are also provided by us we do have small facility for this category. having the capacity for more than 100000 per month. We Provide FOB prices for this Item. We also have Partnership with other Companies so your orders are completed within due date.

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Gloves, Worker Uniforms, Construction wear etc is also Available in this category we manufacture items while for some item we act us suppliers.

Manufacturers and suppliers of Worker Uniforms and Gloves or Dress
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For Sports Goods such as BAT, football, Soccer ball, Tennis Ball, all the sport item we just act as suppliers currently we do not Manufacture Sports Equipment but for order above 100 piece will provide you with factory piece FOB price depending on item.
While for Quantity Less Than 100 piece will be provided on supplier or Wholesaler price but for our Regular Customer we will provide Negotiate price mostly automatically.

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Learn more about Our pricing information for all categories.

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