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Product Maintenance Page

Product Maintenance Page Provides you information on how to perform Maintenance of our products so That Your product can perform Optimally.

We Recommend to clean the product after use. Using dry Paper Towel / Tissue Paper or any disposable cloth.

If you are using any Chemicals such as Cleaning or washing Product such as washing detergent. We recommend to check if the chemical is not reactive to the material you are washing. Some chemicals can cause Rust, Oxidation, or weaking of Material (such as plastic won’t show any damage but when used it may break instantly due to some cleaning Chemicals / Cleaning Products used at household).

Maintaining Scissors.

Our scissors do not require maintenance (Means that almost all of them are maintenance free but performing maintenance is possible to increase the work life and quality of work by the scissor.

  1. Clean the Scissor blade / edges with dry cloth, Paper Towel, Tissue. Do not Press hard as scissor edge / blade can cause Skin damage/cuts e.t.c. or use any protection for your hands.
  2. Most of our scissors have adjustable screw or Adjustable Tighteners Screw which means you can adjust the scissor to meet your requirements. (Make this adjustment only if there is actual need for this such as after thousand to uses or the scissor is not cutting correctly).
  3. Overtime Scissors can have wear-tear which means that the scissor will need to be replaced when the scissor blade become dull alternatively if you have any Knife sharping tools you can use that tool for some of scissors to re-sharpen the blade and repeat Every time the Scissors blade becomes dull. You can learn how to sharpen scissors on YouTube.
  4. If any part of scissors breaks it is recommended to replace the scissors completely.
  5. It is also recommended to keep scissors out of reach of children as this scissors can cause injury.

Maintaining Tweezers.

Our Tweezers are maintenance Free.

Tweezer wears-out over time and requires replacement after a certain time.

We do recommend to perform cleaning after and in-between uses for tweezer to perform optimally. use Dry cloth, Paper Tower and tissue Paper.

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