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Leather Gloves used for workers By Monarch Trading Corporation

Leather Gloves used by workers By Monarch Trading Corporation

What are Gloves? what are the different type of Leather Gloves and uses of these gloves?

Gloves are a type of hand covering that is worn for protection, warmth, or fashion. Leather gloves are made from different types of animal hides such as cowhide, sheepskin, and pigskin. There are different types of leather gloves including:

  1. Driving gloves – These gloves are designed for driving and have perforations for better grip and ventilation.
  2. Work gloves – These gloves are made for heavy-duty work, and are commonly used in construction, welding, and other similar industries.
  3. Dress gloves – These gloves are worn for fashion and formal occasions. They are typically made of fine leather and are often lined with silk or cashmere.
  4. Motorcycle gloves – These gloves are designed for protection and are commonly worn by motorcyclists. They are typically made of durable leather with reinforced palms and knuckles.
  5. Winter gloves – These gloves are designed for warmth and insulation during cold weather. They are often lined with fur or wool to keep hands warm.

Leather gloves have various uses including providing warmth, protection, and comfort. They can be worn for driving, work, formal events, motorcycle riding, and outdoor activities. They are also used by law enforcement personnel, military personnel, and firefighters for protection during their work.

What are Safety Gloves?

Safety gloves are personal protective equipment designed to protect the hands of workers in various industries from injury or exposure to harmful substances. They are made of various materials such as leather, rubber, fabric, or synthetic materials, depending on the specific job and hazards involved. Safety gloves can protect workers from cuts, abrasions, chemical exposure, extreme temperatures, and electrical hazards, among other potential dangers. They are commonly used in industries such as construction, manufacturing, healthcare, and agriculture, as well as in laboratories and other research facilities. The selection of the appropriate safety gloves depends on the specific hazards involved, the tasks being performed, and the fit and comfort of the gloves for the worker.

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